The Gospel Defined Life

Don't make the dreadful mistake of thinking that once you are saved you no longer need the Bible.

Set an Example

I have daughters. While I can still set examples for them, be it through Bible reading, prayer and family time, I can set an example for them on how men should treat women. In doing so, I can teach them what to look for in a man.

God Still Cares About Each Nation

While it is true that God deals with people on an individual basis, it is also true that God has desires and hopes for entire nations.

Living Like Christ Is Your Treasure

Most Christians probably feel they are "sold out" to Jesus. But what might that cliche actually look like?

Are you an unforgiving servant?

Jesus loves you. This I know. But are we doing what Jesus tells us?

Thank you for 15k!!!

One Million Dads started with 2 guys, new fathers, who wanted to make an impact for the kingdom. We saw a great need to encourage Christian fathers. In a society that thrives on stark individualism, we felt a need to say, “Hey, we know what you are going through.”

I hope my daughter is not a "radical feminist"

I love my daughter. She is the apple of my eye. She is my princess. I can honestly say that she has had me wrapped around her little finger since the day the doctor handed her to me. One prayer I have is that I hope she doesn’t turn out to be a “radical feminist”.

Eleven Things I Want to Teach My Son

A soon-to-be father awaits the birth of his firstborn son and ponders all that he wants to teach him about life.

What I want to teach my child about Donald Trump

I hope, for my child’s sake, that Donald Trump’s presidency is a successful one. His is a unique presidency to say the least. Yet, we will all take part in the residual affects whether we voted for him or not. Christians, though we feel victorious now, would do well to remember that it is on our knees that we are saved and not through the ballot box.

The Roots of America's Issues

On the surface, America has issues with race, valuing life, hatred, distrust of authority, idolatry, and love. At the root, the church in America has a problem with failing to repent.

Who Is the Key Player in Discipleship?

Different people and groups are rightfully involved in Christian discipleship. But when it comes to children, one group should lead.

The World Needs more Dabo Swinney

What would the church look like if we truly gave God his due? What if, instead of trying to climb the ladder at work, trying to get on a certain committee at church, or attain some goal that we think will make us happy, we truly honored Him first in all things?

Leaving a Legacy

Your life's legacy will either draw others closer to Christ or drive them away from Him.

What are you giving God in 2017?

God loves a cheerful giver. What are you giving God?

The Power to Make Things New

It is difficult not to think about “newness” when we enter a new year. No doubt it’s human nature to look for opportunities to “turn over a new leaf.” But what exactly does that mean for the believer?

The Empowering Word of God

Why you should read your Bible in 2017

God and Flavored Coffee

Scripture is not always palatable. Get over it.

O Taste and See that the Lord is Good

Enjoy the treats, and treat others with the Gospel.

Salvation is of the Jews

This Christmas, we should be in prayer for people that have not trusted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Church-going Kids and Christianity

The troubling state of our Christian youth is serious. Studies are continuing to confirm that vast swaths of church-going kids know very little about their Christian faith.