The Meaning Of Life

It's not just a Monty Python film.

Don't Fall For Flattery

You're only one flattering compliment away from devastation.

Of Ballplayers and Believers

Sometimes blunders can be turned into blessings.

The Journey of Fatherhood

There are many different kinds of fathers in many different situations. But God has called all fathers to play an important role in their children's lives.

Are You Peculiar?

Do people notice something ... different about you?

Why Authentic Christianity Can Never 'Evolve'

The immutability of God is either a source of great comfort or great angst.

How To Improve Your Prayer Life

It's not that difficult. Trust us.

When Confronted With Sin, We Often Look Like...

When the church fails to respond to wickedness, what good is it?

Being Consumed By What You Consume

Here is the foundation for AFA's initiative against the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" and why such efforts matter.

Blog Fips

Reading the Bible is good, but there is so much more to do with it.

Put Out Your Hand and Catch It by the Tail

Moses became a man of faith when he heard God command fearlessness and trust...and obeyed.

He Cares. He Knows.

He really DOES love you.

One Wayward Lamb...

Resurrection power is focused on delivering people from their sin, not accommodating it.

Easter Message in Tattoos

The best thing about Easter is that it leveled the playing field for everyone. Our Hope has come. Our Salvation is secure in the One who died to procure it.

Signs of an Impure Heart

If only the pure in heart see God, it is incumbent on us to recognize an impure heart.

Above And Beyond

A funny thing happened on the way to the Promised Land...

Entitled to...Disappointment

Thinking about what you ought to have is a lonely path with a dead end.

The Tragedy of Wrong Values and Mixed Messages

Christians owe it to Christ, culture, and the unborn to be steadfast in our opposition to abortion.

Not Ashamed

The importance of having the right kind of pride

Dedicated to Deliberate Discipleship

Discipleship is not optional in Christianity.