The Answer to 911: God’s Word and Psalm 91

Need help with emergencies and other things in life?

Our Faithful Father

Share truth by sharing things from your church bulletin.

Preach It!

Our culture is as sick as it is today because too many churchgoers refuse the meat of God's Word.

Getting God's Glory to Return

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A Parent's Homework for School

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Lessons From The (True) Story of Naaman

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Where is Jesus?

Why Hasn't He Returned?

He Never Said He Wasn't Good

Talk about a hidden reveal...

Swimming Pool Theology

The More You Know...h2o Edition

What If God Wrote a Book?

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Have the Faith You Encourage Others to Possess

We really DO need to practice what we preach...

A Father’s Legacy

A father reflects on his father...

Stuck on Sex

This is what happens when actions are allowed to become the goal.

Make Outside Great Again

It's closer than the forest!

Psalm 91: Strong Protection

Psalms aren't just for reading...

Make It A Habit To Kick This Habit

Fighting anger and frustration with scripture.

A Vice Found in a ‘Safe Place’

O be careful little eyes what you see...