Righteous Leaders, Righteous Laws, and Life

Laws are a reflection of moral conscience so innocent human beings must be protected by law.

When Temptation Comes

You may read the Bible, but can you recite scripture?

You Can, and Should, Do Family Worship

What excuse do you use for not doing family worship?

The Hall Of Faith

How confident are you in what you believe?

My Highest Honor

Build On A Legacy. Leave A Legacy.

Be Wise, Men

Are you following their example?

Be Grateful

The children are watching you.

Stop Keeping up with Christmas (and Enjoy It)

Do you try to make Christmas so magical that you stop enjoying it?

Are You A Giver?

You Know It Is Biblical, Right?

Got The Gimmies?

This writer knows how you feel...

The Most Dangerous Place for the Bible

What message do you present to the world about the Bible?

If you say so...

Be Doers Of The Word

Choose Information Inundation Wisely

People are loading up on information today. But is it information that produces anything good?

The Respectable Sin of Gluttony

If God takes gluttony seriously, why don’t we? Why aren’t we bothered by it? When was the last time we prayed for God to show us if we were guilty of this sin? Part of the reason is that we don’t understand what gluttony is or why God is bothered by it.