Be Not Afraid, Only Believe

Doubting one part of scripture leaves the door open for doubting other parts of scripture.

Hollow On The Inside?

Sunday school lessons aren't just for kids.

What's Your God Story?

Love to tell the story of unseen things above.

Job Had Horrible Friends

Don't be a "miserable" comforter.

Don't Cry At My Funeral

I’m saved by the blood of the Crucified One!

The Praise Project

Your child isn't the only one with homework this week.

Taste And See

Once you taste what's real, it's hard to settle for the fake.

How Will You Be Remembered?

What if today was your last day on the job?

Jesus, Freedom, and America

Celebrating temporal and eternal freedom

Putting Eternity On Trial

In other legal news this hour...

Theology, Kid Style

Kids really do say the funniest things...

The Meaning Of Life

It's not just a Monty Python film.