Choose Information Inundation Wisely

People are loading up on information today. But is it information that produces anything good?

The Respectable Sin of Gluttony

If God takes gluttony seriously, why don’t we? Why aren’t we bothered by it? When was the last time we prayed for God to show us if we were guilty of this sin? Part of the reason is that we don’t understand what gluttony is or why God is bothered by it.

The Day the NFL Died

The NFL may be fatally misjudging American patriotism.

How about a game of catch?

The relationship between a father and son is so important. No matter what vehicle you use to enhance that relationship, whether sports, music, art or something else just remember to keep the relationship first.

Romans 1 and Natural Law

The founders saw moral truth in creation.

Another Church Bashing Blog? (Not Really)

America has an identity crisis. So does the American church.

No Laughing Matter

Nothing is funny about sin.

What happens when the monuments are gone?

Until America begins to work on its heart problem none of these half-measures will be enough.

A Parent's Homework for School

Whether it’s in the morning or at bedtime, maybe even when you bow your head at lunch, pray that God will bless your child with what he or she needs at school.

The False Dichotomy of Secular and Sacred

For the Christian, faith is a constant and cannot be successfully compartmentalized in life.

Are your ready?

There are people in this world that do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This includes people filling church pews every Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday night prayer meeting.

I am Hugh Freeze

If he came into my church, what would be my response? Would I look down my nose at him? Whisper under my breath “what is he doing here?” Or, would I offer to go to the altar and pray with him?

Lessons from Avery

My children’s minister, in her motherly way told me to quit worrying, that God would work it out. You would think the guy teaching that lesson would know that. It’s always easier to be afraid of a situation when you don’t know the folks involved.

Minimum Wage and the 10th Commandment

Everyone would like to make more money, especially if they only make minimum wage. But there is a movement to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Is this an altruistic battle or are some in it violating the 10th Commandment?

Will Your Bow Turn Back?

Faithfulness and loyalty are marks of courage in the face of great trial.

Ten Distractions in Your Bible Reading

A good indicator of how a person feels about Jesus is how he treats the Word of God.

Talk to Your Kids about Sex

Some things should probably go unsaid. Sex is not one of those things.