Lessons from Avery

My children’s minister, in her motherly way told me to quit worrying, that God would work it out. You would think the guy teaching that lesson would know that. It’s always easier to be afraid of a situation when you don’t know the folks involved.

Minimum Wage and the 10th Commandment

Everyone would like to make more money, especially if they only make minimum wage. But there is a movement to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Is this an altruistic battle or are some in it violating the 10th Commandment?

Will Your Bow Turn Back?

Faithfulness and loyalty are marks of courage in the face of great trial.

Ten Distractions in Your Bible Reading

A good indicator of how a person feels about Jesus is how he treats the Word of God.

Talk to Your Kids about Sex

Some things should probably go unsaid. Sex is not one of those things.

Will You Cower Before the Lies of Hell?

Confronting sin in culture is not a legalistic obligation. Rather, it is an attitude of trust and reliance on the One who is above culture.

Office Coffee and the Golden Rule

I drink coffee. So do many people across offices nationwide, and one thing I’ve seen, read and heard over the years is that office workers do not always make another pot of coffee after they empty the carafe. And even though Christians are told in Philippians 2:14 not to gripe and complain, we do air grievances upon finding the office coffee pot empty.

5 Things Christians Should Be

God is so gracious that He didn't just save us from hell and leave us alone. He is working in all His children to shape them into the image of Christ.

Teaching Your Teenage Son About Work

Today's culture seems to reward laziness and extol entitlements as virtuous. Fathers have their work cut out for them to instill a solid work ethic in their sons.

God Loves Us Like a Grandfather, Too

Becoming a grandparent sheds additional light on God's love.

Graciously Disagreeing

There is nothing wrong with differences of opinion when it comes to doctrine, politics, or decisions one should make in his or her personal life. The question is how should Christians handle situations when these disagreements arise.

Asleep in the Lap of Delilah

Here is what the story of Samson and Delilah has to say to Christians today who are seemingly blinded by the great delusion of worldliness.

What Are You Teaching Kids?

Be doers of the word, not hearers only

Go Outside!!!

Find a fun and entertaining project to get off the couch, out of the house and away from the tablets. Shake things up a bit.

What Happened to Fearing Sin and Desiring God?

When Christian leaders labor to excuse sin rather than beg people to flee from it they destroy a key purpose for the church's existence.

More Honorable

There is more to Jabez than the short prayer he prayed that has been so popularized by a short book.

What now?

When the celebration is over, keep celebrating.

Have You Met This Jesus?

In times of horror and persecution, don't look to an appeaser and accommodator to save you. Look instead to a sword wielding Conqueror.

Empty to Be Filled

Here is a look at what it means to be a disciple of Christ and how it impacts one's celebration of Easter.

Snowflakes Melt in the Heat

Culture is glistening with snowflakes. Where churches are being faithful, those snowflakes soon melt in the spiritual heat.