Make It A Habit To Kick This Habit

Fighting anger and frustration with scripture.

A Vice Found in a ‘Safe Place’

O be careful little eyes what you see...

Investing in Your Kids on a Budget

Memories don't have to be expensive to make.

Teaching Your Teenage Son About Work

The More You Know...Father's Edition

This Is Your Place In The Battle Against Abortion

All Christians must be involved in the fight to end the scourge of abortion.

Between Prodigal and On the Porch

Happy Easter from

(Don't) follow your heart

What sounds good is not always the best advice.

The Purpose of Family

When God designed the family, it wasn’t a haphazard or random design

Who You Are When You Pray

What does the soul of a Christian look like in real, sincere prayer?

If the Weak Continue to Lead the Church...

When church leaders choose feelings over truth, it is the gates of hell that will prevail.

The Bible and Walls

When walls are built to defend and protect, they are NOT immoral.

Would you make the same mistake?

Do you know scripture well enough to recite actual verses?

Lessons from John The Baptist

He prepared people for the Lord's arrival. We should prepare people for His return.

Be Not Afraid, Only Believe

Doubting one part of scripture leaves the door open for doubting other parts of scripture.

Hollow On The Inside?

Sunday school lessons aren't just for kids.