Christian Living

Church Bulletin Bloopers

10 things to brighten your day...

Are You Denying Yourself?

Whosoever meaneth us.

Are You Ignoring The Blessings In Your Life?

Confessions of a complainer

Preach It!

Our culture is as sick as it is today because too many churchgoers refuse the meat of God's Word.

Have the Faith You Encourage Others to Possess

We really DO need to practice what we preach...

Make It A Habit To Kick This Habit

Fighting anger and frustration with scripture.

(Don't) follow your heart

What sounds good is not always the best advice.

You Can't Run Before You Can Walk

Have a James 4:6-7 fame of mind

If the Weak Continue to Lead the Church...

When church leaders choose feelings over truth, it is the gates of hell that will prevail.

Hollow On The Inside?

Sunday school lessons aren't just for kids.

Thanksgiving Is Over, But...

Leftover food for thought

Job Had Horrible Friends

Don't be a "miserable" comforter.

Dude, don't be a Demas

Never leave a man behind

How Will You Be Remembered?

What if today was your last day on the job?

Theology, Kid Style

Kids really do say the funniest things...

Are You Peculiar?

Do people notice something ... different about you?

How To Improve Your Prayer Life

It's not that difficult. Trust us.

When Confronted With Sin, We Often Look Like...

When the church fails to respond to wickedness, what good is it?