Climbing Mount Containermanjaro

They can be found in nearly every home. Many of them are lurking somewhere inside your kitchen cabinets. Others might be nesting inside your refrigerator, touching everything from leftovers to newly purchased fruits and vegetables. Oh, you thought I was talking about pests? No, I’m referring to plastic food containers!

I hate plastic food containers. Well, maybe that’s too harsh of a word. Plastic food containers are okay. They serve a purpose and the people that invented them should probably be on a Mount Rushmore of Inventors. Still, I do not want eleventy billion food containers in our kitchen cabinet. When I reach inside my cabinet for a container or lid, something almost always falls out of the cabinet. If you are like me and have young children, the last thing you want is to wake them by causing an avalanche of bowls, lids and plates. You also do not want to take the Leaning Tower of Plastic out of the cabinet, disassemble it and get what you want, reassemble it and place it back inside your cabinet.

I have, on occasion, voiced my opinion about the container conundrum and how my wife needs to toss many of them in the trash. After all, she “put them there.” After I came to the last time, she pointed the frying pan at me and told me I was being silly. I probably am, but I still find it annoying. Sometimes, if she is out of the house, I throw a few butter or sour cream containers away. In my mind, it’s a #victory because we do not need Glad®, Ziploc® and Rubbermaid® items on top of butter, sour cream and dip containers. Many times I think, ‘If she would only see the issue here!’

That brings me to this point. Too often do we see things as issues other people must deal with in order for us to feel better, for us to be more comfortable. Meanwhile, Jesus questioned people on why the see the speck in another person’s eye, without considering the giant beam in their own eye (Matthew 7:3). I view the food containers as a problem. Moreover, I have seen see them as her problem, namely because she will not acknowledge my frustrations and fix things as I see fit. At the same time, I have failed to kick my habit of leaving hangers lying around our home. I sometimes fail to put my shoes up after removing them at the front door. I also fail to see the beard hair I leave on the sink. The bottom line is that I cause things to pile up, and in more than one place. Do you think that annoys my wife? Probably. Are you probably doing things that perturb your wife? Of course you are. We all do it. So why then are we focusing on a thing for which “she” is responsible?

If you have objections to something in your home, even something as simple as food container buildup, share that opinion with your wife. Just be sure to do it in a polite way. More often than not, you will never win an argument that follows a crash, bang and ‘I am sick and tired of.” If you do talk things out, be willing to take criticism from your wife on things she may think you are responsible for at home. Remember, you promised one another to have and to hold, in good times and in bad. This would include the Mount Everest of food containers, beard hair and whatever else is lurking around your kitchen cabinets.

“Husbands love your wives, even as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it (Ephesians 5:25).” The last time I checked, Jesus did not vent his frustrations with Mary and Martha’s housekeeping. Jesus also picked up after Himself and he kept going. We must follow His example.

Chris Woodward

Assistant Editor, One Million Dads
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