Dads should kiss and respect Moms

The Bible tells us to greet one another with a holy kiss*. Author and dad Jay Payleitner recommends husbands kiss their wives…in the kitchen…in front of their kids. Sounds silly, right? Even so, it can mean big things.

In his book, 52 Things Kids Need From A Dad, Payleitner says kissing your bride tells her that you love her. Second, it tells your kids that you love their mom. Third, you are showing your kids that passion can happen in a committed, lifelong marriage relationship. Payleitner writes that too often are the married characters they see on television or in movies involved in bland relationships. Meanwhile, some characters on the big screen engage in long, passionate kisses with a character they are not married to in that story.

Let me pause here and say that I am not saying you should go home and engage in a ‘get a room’ kind of kiss. There is a time for that, and husbands should respect that time, even if they think it is past time. That is a touchy subject, I know, but I bring that up because Payleitner also recommends in his book that dads respect the mother of their children. Pushing yourself on her or yelling at her in front of the kids could make it appear as though it is okay for them to act in that way. If you have boys, you run the risk of them thinking they too can treat women in a similar manner. Meanwhile, a daughter may be led to believe that that is how all men treat women.

It is not just these things that are a problem. Disrespecting mom can be as simple as not appreciating the jobs that she does around the house. Some moms work outside and inside the home. This could mean office tasks in addition to cooking, cleaning, listening to their husbands rant and kids whine. For some moms, no one bothers to ask about their day and a simple kiss could help her forget her troubles and know that her husband cares.

Dads, I wrote about this today because Mother’s Day is coming up. Go home and kiss the mother of your children. On second thought, give your mom a kiss. She may be overdue.

*(Romans 16:16, 2 Corinthians 13:12, 2 Thessalonians 5:26)

Chris Woodward

Assistant Editor, One Million Dads
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