Any Given Sunday Service

Another football season is here! It is the time of year when men begin sporting their favorite team’s shirt or tie at church. They might even joke about another guy’s team before, during and after the service. Still, do not let this be the only interaction you have with brother in the faith.

We have a responsibility as men, be it in the home, the church or society at large. We are to train up our children, love our wives and bear one another’s burdens. You may not know it, but the guy sitting in another pew may have some issues where he lives or works. It could be something simple. It might be something major. Either way, he might need some help. You, however, might not know it if your only conversations involve football.

Before someone throws a penalty flag, rest assured that I am not preaching against football. While I am more of a baseball fan, I do follow football and other sports. I actually entered broadcasting to cover athletics. God obviously had other plans, and that’s okay because it has been something I can share with you about my life. Jim Shempert of One Million Dads can also share a few stories, in addition to his thoughts on football.

If you are not already aware, Jim is an Ole Miss guy. I root for Mississippi State University. They are rival schools, and while we do sometimes joke about games, we also discuss the non-sporting events of our lives. I won’t go into detail, but Jim has been there for me and Jim knows that I have his back.  

After reading this blog, make it a point to know more about the men from your church. Organize a men’s group if your church does not already have one available. You could even invite men and their families to watch a game. Whatever you do, be sure to ask how things are in their lives. It could be that one guy is unemployed and needs money to pay his rent. Another man might have a child expressing doubts about God. Again, you may not know this if your discussions only involve “did you see the game” and “your team has the worst colors.” Meanwhile, children and teenagers will see how you interact with one another. If you’re not really interacting with your fellow man, what do you think the next generation will do? How will that impact your church?

Chris Woodward

Assistant Editor, One Million Dads
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