Lend a Hand

In Exodus 17, a battle occurs when the forces of Amalek fight with Israel in Rephidim. Joshua is instructed to choose men and go to battle, while Moses stands on the top of a hill with the rod of God in his hand (verse 9). Joshua does as he is told, while Aaron and Hur travel up the hill with Moses. It is there that Moses raises his hand and Israel prevails. When he lets down his hand, Amalek prevails. In order to help Moses out, Aaron and Hur lend a hand, so to speak, and see that Moses’ hands remain raised.

Take a moment and think about what you are doing to lend a hand to your pastor or worship leader. Are you helping? Could your pastor use some help? Only you can answer this question, as I do not know you and your church’s situation. But it’s long been said that 10 percent of people in the church do 90 percent of the work. It stands to reason that one of those people needs a hand. It might not even be the pastor, but you would be helping your pastor by giving aid to that person.

In an article for EngageMagazine.net, guest writer and former pastor Bert Harper writes about things you do not know about your pastor. One of those things involves bad news:

“Bad news will affect his preaching. He does not need to hear about the overflowing toilet in the men’s bathroom right before he stands behind the pulpit. His mind should be focused on delivering a biblical message to God’s people, not trying to remember where the plunger is, or being concerned about any other problem.”

Harper goes on to suggest that people be a blessing and attempt to fix the problem, whatever it may be. It may not be as big as military forces seeking to destroy you, but problems come in all shapes and sizes. Moses was well aware of this, which is why he sought out men to be a judge in certain situations (Exodus 18:1-24).

It could be that your church is in need of a Sunday school teacher. I’m sure the person running the audio would like a break from time to time. It’s more stressful than it looks. Trust me. As for the bus ministry, whose church does not need an extra driver? If you are not sure as to the needs of your church at this time, ask your pastor or church secretary. Meanwhile, pray for God to show you where you can help. Moreover, pray for the helpers. Everyone needs prayer, especially the pastor. So, get out there. Help out where you can, when you can. Lend your pastor and your church a hand.

Chris Woodward

Assistant Editor, One Million Dads
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