No Laughing Matter

I was on my way to work recently when I heard two sports radio personalities discussing the life of a well-known entertainer. According to the story, which was being shared by one of the radio personalities, the entertainer was in an accident while on the road and he urged a paramedic to remove the phone numbers of women from his bag. The reason? The entertainer “didn’t want his wife to wife the numbers” when she arrived at the hospital.

One radio personality laughed when he heard the story. That caused the other guy to chuckle, and they chalked it up to ‘so and so being so and so.’ Minutes later, the same radio personalities were discussing the arrest of a professional athlete on drugs and weapons charges. “He’s throwing his wife away,” one said. “This is terrible,” said another guy.

Why these two people were laughing at one guy’s behavior and appalled by another’s is beyond me. But when I started to think about it, I determined that is how a lot of us are these days. Some things are not that big a deal, we think. Other issues and behaviors are horrible. Yet we never stop to think that both are bad in God’s eyes. When I was a kid, my dad used to discourage lying by telling me, “You can go to hell for lying, same as you can stealing.” He was right, but we as a society seem to give a pass to certain things, i.e. “little white lies” that never hurt anyone.

This, I think, is why we have such a sin culture today, even in churches. There are BIG SINS and little sins. For example, stealing from the church is a BIG SIN. Gossiping about a person’s clothing or absenteeism is no big deal. Whatever the case may be, sin is sin is a sin. Just because it’s not outlined in the 10 Commandments does not mean it’s a gray area.

The sports personalities I mentioned may not know any better. Like many people on this earth, they may not know God and what His Word says about how we are to live. That is where Christians can be of service. When we hear people laugh at sin, we can respond with, ‘That’s not funny and here’s why.’ When people gossip, we should put a stop to it. Yes, you may be labeled a Fuddy Duddy for Jesus, but when it’s all said and done, who are you trying to please? Jesus? Or the world?

Chris Woodward

Assistant Editor, One Million Dads
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