The Praise Project

Your child isn't the only one with homework this week.

How about a game of catch?

The relationship between a father and son is so important. No matter what vehicle you use to enhance that relationship, whether sports, music, art or something else just remember to keep the relationship first.

A Parent's Homework for School

Whether it’s in the morning or at bedtime, maybe even when you bow your head at lunch, pray that God will bless your child with what he or she needs at school.

Lessons from Avery

My children’s minister, in her motherly way told me to quit worrying, that God would work it out. You would think the guy teaching that lesson would know that. It’s always easier to be afraid of a situation when you don’t know the folks involved.

Talk to Your Kids about Sex

Some things should probably go unsaid. Sex is not one of those things.

Teaching Your Teenage Son About Work

Today's culture seems to reward laziness and extol entitlements as virtuous. Fathers have their work cut out for them to instill a solid work ethic in their sons.

God Loves Us Like a Grandfather, Too

Becoming a grandparent sheds additional light on God's love.

Make Outside Great Again

Find a fun and entertaining project to get off the couch, out of the house and away from the tablets. Shake things up a bit.

Snowflakes Melt in the Heat

Culture is glistening with snowflakes. Where churches are being faithful, those snowflakes soon melt in the spiritual heat.

Finding Him in the Bible

We will face these and other questions, and dads better have an answer. Now, I do not have all the answers, but I know where to look when I need help. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1). We can sit down with our children and find Him in the Bible.

Obeying Is Not Just For Kids

Fathers expect their children to obey, but are fathers obeying their Father?

Thank you for 15k!!!

One Million Dads started with 2 guys, new fathers, who wanted to make an impact for the kingdom. We saw a great need to encourage Christian fathers. In a society that thrives on stark individualism, we felt a need to say, “Hey, we know what you are going through.”

Eleven Things I Want to Teach My Son

A soon-to-be father awaits the birth of his firstborn son and ponders all that he wants to teach him about life.

Leaving a Legacy

Your life's legacy will either draw others closer to Christ or drive them away from Him.

Church-going Kids and Christianity

The troubling state of our Christian youth is serious. Studies are continuing to confirm that vast swaths of church-going kids know very little about their Christian faith.

What I want to teach my child about Thanksgiving

I am overwhelmingly blessed, not because of where I live, or what I have, but because of Who loves me. The God of Heaven, who knows the end of time as well as He knows the beginning, loves and cares for me. He constantly calls me to Him through His Son. If that weren’t enough, He balanced the scales eternally in my favor through the death of His Son.

Record Your Kid’s Comments

You’re not getting any younger, and neither is your child.

Talk with your kids about bullying

Don’t let PSAs be all your child hears.

A Monster's Gonna Get Me

My attempt to instill confidence in her is nothing compared to the confidence that God provides for those who are in Him.