Be prepared for tough questions

Kids ask a lot of questions. As they get older, kids began asking tough questions, maybe even about Christian teachings. While there is nothing wrong with a ‘Because the Bible says so’ answer, it may not always be enough to settle things in their mind.

Chelsen Vicari, Evangelical Program Director for the Institute on Religion and Democracy, says she began asking tough questions about Christian teaching when she was in college.

“Hearing from my dad, ‘Because the Bible says so,’ it just wasn’t enough for me,” says Vicari. “I was yearning for something more.”

As a result, Vicari says her father was very creative in that he would often point to social science and show her studies and data to affirm scripture. “This is just how my father thinks,” says Vicari. “Working in hard sciences, it’s what he enjoyed doing.”

Vicari enjoyed it too and says it was very helpful. In addition to working for the Institute on Religion and Democracy, Vicari is also a Sunday school teacher, looking for ways to be creative and teach kids about Christianity and the history of the church.

“There are other ways to be creative,” says Vicari. “The dad of one of my Sunday school kids is a craftsman and he always uses his trait as a carpenter to teach his son about Jesus and making it practical because Jesus was a carpenter.”

When your child comes to you with questions, and they will, how will you respond? You might be someone with children who are now adults. If that is you, how did you respond when they came to you for answers?  Did you respond at all? Offer advice to new dads in your church, workplace or neighborhood. Whatever you do, be creative. Be ready.

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Chris Woodward

Assistant Editor, One Million Dads
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