Do something with your kids

‘Daddy, what are these flowers?’ I was stumped by my five –year-old daughter’s question. I have never been a flower guy, and the great outdoors is not my forte. ‘I’m not sure,’ I said. It was the best I could manage. ‘If it was baseball you would know because you know all about baseball,’ she replied. While my daughter’s comment was not out of malice, it did sting. Baseball is my favorite sport, and when I am not watching it, I enjoy discussing the game. Regardless, I thought about her remarks a lot that day, and they still echo in my head, especially on Tuesdays.

For the last several weeks, my family has made time on Tuesday nights to watch 19 Kids and Counting. Two of the Duggars have recently married, and one of them is having a baby, leaving my five-year-old daughter excited and interested. Meanwhile, I have been thinking about the day when, if the Lord tarries, I may be in Jim Bob Duggar’s shoes and walking both my daughters down the aisle. I do not know about you, but I do not want to be wondering whether I did enough with them while they were under my roof.

Here is what I propose. Take the time needed for one of your favorite activities and do something out of the ordinary with your kids. It doesn’t have to be outdoors. Just do something that you and the kids do not typically do in your free time. If you are like me and need suggestions, do a simple web search for things to do with your kids. If you are really like me, you will search for Free and Cheap Things to Do with Your Kids. In my pursuit, I came across suggestions from that include bowling, creating ‘a water park’ in the backyard (It is actually not that complicated), making a movie and participating in nature programs. You can even tie in Scripture with these activities to have some Bible time with your kids. In doing so, all parties can learn something that may benefit them in the future. For instance, participating in nature programs would have helped me when my daughter wanted to identify some flowers.

Time is precious, and one day our time will expire. Do something with your kids, and do more with your kids while you have the time.

Chris Woodward

Assistant Editor, One Million Dads
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