Thank you for 15k!!!

Two years ago, I had a stirring in my heart to “do something.” I had thoughts of going to seminary and through much prayer decided that that was not the route that God had for me. Being a doer, I looked for where else God might use me.

One Million Dads started with 2 guys, new fathers, who wanted to make an impact for the kingdom. We saw a great need to encourage Christian fathers. In a society that thrives on stark individualism, we felt a need to say, “Hey, we know what you are going through.” We struggle with the same issues that you do, we fail where you do, and we look to God with quivering knees begging for His guidance and mercy.

I am thankful for my friend Chris who joined me on this journey. His talents far outweigh mine, and he has more than carried his part of the load. I am thankful for bosses who I went to and said, “Hey, I want to do this, and it’s not going to make a dime,” and they allowed me to do it because they saw the need in American culture.

Mostly, though, I am thankful for the men and women who make up One Million Dads. I am thankful for the emails you send me, telling me about how a blog hit you right in the gut. I’m thankful when I see folks share a meme or a quote and brag to their friends of the validity of the statement in their lives. I am thankful for all those who have donated financially to continue our message. (A special shout out to our friend in Plainview, Texas) One of my proudest moments was when a soon to be father emailed me, concerned that he didn’t love his baby. I checked back on him a few months later. His timeline is covered with nothing but pictures of a beautiful little girl. I’d say, his concerns were unfounded.

I long have maintained that I am not the best person to lead this effort. In fact, in the last two months of 2016, I did not personally write a single blog post, though, with the New Year, I am back to work. I am thankful for the men who have joined me along the way. To be candid, none of us do this for the money, as there isn’t any. We are Christian men who desire to lead our families to Christ and thereby change the world we live in for the better.

The scoffers all like to point out that we aren’t a million strong, yet. When in all honesty, the name is only a dream. I dream of a day when we reach 1 million men who seek to lead their families in the love and admonition of Christ. This isn’t about the short game. This has eternal implications. I am a sinner, a dirty, terrible, reprehensible sinner in need of a Savior, or I would face eternal damnation. Luckily, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Most High God is that Savior and has made a way through the sacrifice of His own blood to restore me to right relationship with God.

If I know that fact and don’t tell someone else, how can I ever call myself a follower of Christ? So in short, I hope that One Million Dads continues to bless you in your daily life, as much as it has me in my own life. Thank you for supporting One Million Dads. I pray that we continue to grow in Christ together.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Jim Shempert

Editor, One Million Dads
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