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10 Things You Don't Know About Your Pastor

A reminder for everyone this Pastor Appreciation Month.

The Answer to 911: God’s Word and Psalm 91

Need help with emergencies and other things in life?

A Parent's Homework for School

Kids are not the only ones with tasks between now and next summer.

Break Free from Outrage Addiction

How To Move On, Away From Posts

Swimming Pool Theology

The More You Know...h2o Edition

Stuck on Sex

This is what happens when actions are allowed to become the goal.

This Is Your Place In The Battle Against Abortion

All Christians must be involved in the fight to end the scourge of abortion.

The Purpose of Family

When God designed the family, it wasn’t a haphazard or random design

So you want to reach skeptics...but how?

Here are five strategies

The Bible and Walls

When walls are built to defend and protect, they are NOT immoral.

Lessons from John The Baptist

He prepared people for the Lord's arrival. We should prepare people for His return.

Lauren Daigle Said What?!?

How can it be?!?

What's Your God Story?

Love to tell the story of unseen things above.

Don't Cry At My Funeral

I’m saved by the blood of the Crucified One!

Taste And See

Once you taste what's real, it's hard to settle for the fake.

Jesus, Freedom, and America

Celebrating temporal and eternal freedom

Of Ballplayers and Believers

Sometimes blunders can be turned into blessings.