The Purpose of Family

When God designed the family, it wasn’t a haphazard or random design

So you want to reach skeptics…but how?

Here are five strategies

The Bible and Walls

When walls are built to defend and protect, they are NOT immoral.

Lessons from John The Baptist

He prepared people for the Lord's arrival. We should prepare people for His return.

Lauren Daigle Said What?!?

How can it be?!?

What's Your God Story?

Love to tell the story of unseen things above.

Don't Cry At My Funeral

I’m saved by the blood of the Crucified One!

Taste And See

Once you taste what's real, it's hard to settle for the fake.

Jesus, Freedom, and America

Celebrating temporal and eternal freedom

Of Ballplayers and Believers

Sometimes blunders can be turned into blessings.

The Journey of Fatherhood

There are many different kinds of fathers in many different situations. But God has called all fathers to play an important role in their children's lives.

Why Authentic Christianity Can Never 'Evolve'

The immutability of God is either a source of great comfort or great angst.

Being Consumed By What You Consume

Here is the foundation for AFA's initiative against the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" and why such efforts matter.

The Tragedy of Wrong Values and Mixed Messages

Christians owe it to Christ, culture, and the unborn to be steadfast in our opposition to abortion.

A Prayer for the Forgotten

Tragedy reaches beyond victims, their families, and first responders.

Lessons From The Flu

Use your brain and thank our Maker.

How to Build a Football Team

When the story of a group who wanted to build a football team is really more than meets the eye.

Righteous Leaders, Righteous Laws, and Life

Laws are a reflection of moral conscience so innocent human beings must be protected by law.