Lessons From The Flu

It’s that time of year again. Waiting rooms are packed with people complaining of flu-like symptoms. So are the little waiting rooms that a patient gets moved into after sitting in the big waiting room. Meanwhile, schools are half empty and workplaces are doing their best to handle the day-to-day operations at half capacity. My home has been no exception. Still, here is what I have learned from the past few weeks.

We Are Blessed

Not everyone lives in a country where people can see a doctor or nurse practitioner about their ailments. Some people die as a result. And while people with insurance have seen better days, imagine what it would be like without any coverage to help offset the cost of your bill. The same could be said for prescription drugs.

We Should Pray and Pray Often

Right now, many families are dealing with the flu. You should pray for them, and thank God for your health while asking His blessing on your wife and children. Thank God for the resources He has provided you to pay for things to keep your family healthy. Meanwhile, people – even in America – are dealing with the flu death of a loved one, including children. Ask God to comfort them as only He can. If those people do not know the Lord, then ask Him to help them find their way and be saved. Bottom line, do not find yourself saying, ‘I have nothing to pray for today.’ Turn on the television news, open up a website, or read a newspaper. Chances are you will come across a story involving flu.

We Should Take Better Care Of Ourselves

This point may go without saying, but every man, woman, and child should wash their hands more often than normal this time of year. They should also avoid unnecessary travel. Why? You are not invincible, and some people who are sick go places (when they should not) and spread germs. And while I know not everyone wants a lesson in 'eat this not that,' it would not hurt for people reading this to stock up on vitamin C and exercise to keep their immune system running smoothly. As always, consult a doctor before doing anything. In doing so, you may get to avoid a doctor that many of you are blessed to have insurance coverage for, which means you’ll have even more time to pray for people who are ill.

Chris Woodward

Assistant Editor, One Million Dads
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