A Parent's Homework for School

The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 3 that seasons come and go. One thing that will not change is the fact that we are parents. That got me thinking about writing this blog and something we all should be doing this Back-to-School season.

We Should Pray For Our Kids

Whether it’s in the morning or at bedtime, maybe even when you bow your head at lunch, pray that God will bless your child with what he or she needs at school. Wisdom is always a good thing to request. Energy is another, as the school year can be draining on a child, especially if the student is just starting out or adjusting to a new routine after an extended break. Meanwhile, we should pray that our children hold firm to their Christian beliefs. If they are not saved, we should pray for that as well, and not just for our children, but their peers. Even faculty members need Jesus.

We Should Pray For Faculty Members

Working in education is not easy, even for those who have done it for years. My late stepmother taught third grade for 30-plus years. I can’t imagine what all she experienced, not to mention came to grips with in the roller-coaster world that is government-based education policy. It’s bound to be nerve-racking, which is why I think we should ask for God to give educators everything they need to teach children. For those of us who believe decisions are best made at the local level and not D.C., it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask the Lord for help in that area either.

We Should Pray For Parents

This suggestion may seem odd, but just as children are beginning a new routine, so are many parents. The Back-to-School season brings new expenses, new schedules, and extracurricular activities, etc. Because of this, we need to pray that we can do everything possible for our children. No, we won’t be able to afford every item, nor can we be expected everywhere at all times. But the least we can do is to remain present in the lives of our children. We must also ensure they are learning and progressing in school. The teacher is not the only one responsible for your child. With all due respect to the ‘it takes a village’ crowd, it’s really up to mom and dad to see that their child is developing and behaving inside and outside the classroom. When they do this, parents are helping teachers have an easier time educating kids, while also freeing up the teachers’ time to help children that need a little extra attention.

Chris Woodward

Assistant Editor, One Million Dads
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