Psalm 91: Strong Protection

Psalms aren't just for reading...

Between Prodigal and On the Porch

Happy Easter from

Would you make the same mistake?

Do you know scripture well enough to recite actual verses?

Be Not Afraid, Only Believe

Doubting one part of scripture leaves the door open for doubting other parts of scripture.

It's Not Just About Turkey

Food For Thought

Putting Eternity On Trial

In other legal news this hour...

The Meaning Of Life

It's not just a Monty Python film.

Don't Fall For Flattery

You're only one flattering compliment away from devastation.

Blog Fips

Reading the Bible is good, but there is so much more to do with it.

Put Out Your Hand and Catch It by the Tail

Moses became a man of faith when he heard God command fearlessness and trust...and obeyed.

One Wayward Lamb...

Resurrection power is focused on delivering people from their sin, not accommodating it.

When Temptation Comes

You may read the Bible, but can you recite scripture?

If you say so...

Be Doers Of The Word

We're Not All Related, But We Can Be

The truth is not always easy

Romans 1 and Natural Law

The founders saw moral truth in creation.

Are you ready?

There are people in this world that do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This includes people filling church pews every Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday night prayer meeting.

Will Your Bow Turn Back?

Faithfulness and loyalty are marks of courage in the face of great trial.

More Honorable

There is more to Jabez than the short prayer he prayed that has been so popularized by a short book.

Have You Met This Jesus?

In times of horror and persecution, don't look to an appeaser and accommodator to save you. Look instead to a sword wielding Conqueror.

Empty to Be Filled

Here is a look at what it means to be a disciple of Christ and how it impacts one's celebration of Easter.