The Soul and the Spirit

We are all familiar with The Trinity, meaning the God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. You and yours may not say it exactly that way, but I’m not looking to get into denominational viewpoints and practices. Instead, I wanted to share something I heard in a recent sermon.

Just as God exists in three, so does man. The difference is that man is a body, soul, and spirit. What’s the difference between the soul and the spirit? Well, as was explained to me, the soul is essentially who we are, whereas the spirit is how we are.

Take a moment and think about the time when you “got saved” or accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Wasn’t it awesome? You no doubt enjoyed those days. I know I did.
Now think about how you’ve been lately. Were you ugly or short with people? Did you act a little self-centered on the job? Have you been lazy and going through the motions? If so, you have a bad spirit. At least that’s how it was explained to me.

The good news is that you can start over. The good news is that you, born-again Christian, are still a child of God (Galatians 3:26). The good news is that Jesus came and died for all mankind and He wants you to share that with other people. How? It’s easy. Love and serve others. If and when they ask, “Why are you doing this,” just tell them that’s who you want to be. After all, that’s how Jesus wants us to be.

If you are reading this and you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you need to get that settled. I can’t save you, but I can take this opportunity to show you why and how you must be saved (Romans 3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:13). Meanwhile, your works won’t save you (Ephesians 2:8-9), but they are an extension of your faith. That means they show your faith. They show how you are.

That sermon really got me. Without going into great detail, let’s just say it was an altar call moment. I don’t know you and your situation. But when others ask you, “How are you today?” how are you going to respond? Are you happy in the Lord? Or are you another Christian that appears sour, as though you were baptized in pickle juice?

Don’t be sour. Be salt and light. That’s who Jesus was. That’s how we ought to be.

Chris Woodward

Assistant Editor, One Million Dads
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