Who We Are

Who is One Million Dads?

One Million Dads is an online project of the American Family Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, conservative, pro-family organization based in Tupelo, Mississippi. AFA has been in existence for over 35 years and is a well-respected member of the pro-life and pro-family community. AFA exists to motivate and equip citizens to change the culture to reflect Biblical truth.


What is the mission of One Million Dads?

The mission of One Million Dads, is the mission of Ezekiel 37.  The men of the church have long been asleep.  We have relinquished our God given position of leadership.  Not to subjugate our families, but to lead them with the loving hand of Christ.  Our hope is to wake up the fearsome wonder that is the mighty man of God and restore him to his role as leader, teacher, counselor, and then thereby change the world we live in for the better.  


Why One Million Dads?

I have felt burdened for some time to reach out to Christian men in my age bracket, to encourage and equip them for daily life. I am by no means a minister, but I do have a heart for God’s people. The name One Million Dads has some history with AFA. Years ago, it took more of an activist role, but the new 1MD’s purpose is one of ministry. Online ministry to the men of the church. Now a lot of people would say, shouldn’t you be ministering to people outside the walls of the church? The answer to that is, until the men of the Church stand up and become the leaders that God called them to be, then communication with the world will always be difficult. The reason I felt burdened to do this now, is due to the increasing statistics based on fatherless homes. Suicide, homelessness, alcoholism, drug abuse, incarceration and on and on and on are all higher when Dad is not in the home. And if Dad can’t be in the home (divorce) then at least he can be involved in his children’s lives.  

1MD’s message is this, Christ loves you enough to die for you. He has plans for your life. He wants you to return to Him, so that He can make you the person He always meant you to be. Come join us, as we go forward and learn as men of the Cross together.